A.K. Michalik

Location: Canada

For 217 Years, the Utopian City of Eden has been shielded from the world that was destroyed in a Nuclear Holocaust. What people think is a perfect city, there are secrets in the city’s depths; secrets the government would kill to keep hidden. Blaire Houston has lived her entire life in Eden, she has always known their city being protected from the outside was never meant to be forever. As a Member of the secret organization ‘The Resistance’ she knows that she has the chance to take down the dome protecting the city and let her people be free once again. Now with nowhere to hide, Blaire and her fellow Resistance members being chased away from their city will have to navigate the unfamiliar world beyond. While on the run, Blaire the Resistance must learn to trust a new set of allies in order to survive the harsh new conditions of Earth. When the truth is finally revealed, the people of Eden still cower at the rule of the government who hid a secret that prevents them from having their freedom.