Derrien Relyea

Location: USA

I am The Dragon, berserk indeed, of Dragon Blood and Dragon Seed. This is my story, so am I told, to pass along these Legends bold.

Darque Aalanna Grifynn, known as the Dragon, is now the Battle Commander of the Dragon Clan, home of the Warrior Brotherhood. At just eighteen winters, she ranks the most elite fighting force in all Kadoor. Taking her field promotion when her father was forced Past the Veil afore her eyes, she and her LifeBond partner and lifemate, Gunnarr the Mighty Blue, High Prince of the Highland Dragons, lead her Warriors to victory against the Hoard in the Battle for the Dragon Clan, the most horrific since the Last Holocaust. With few left to start o’er, she must embrace her destiny, for the Warriors are the last hope against the Evil One.

Known as the Triad Prophesies, Corbyn the Fay sought their realization throughout the ages. The Return of the Dragon, the Return of the True King, and the Death of Life.

Darque the Dragon, has returned. ‘And there will be a girl child born to the Race of Man, of Dragon Blood and Dragon Seed, with flaming red hair and piercing blue eyes, who will take up the Sword and lead the Races from near extinction to a New Beginning.’  Gabriel, born and raised in obscurity, will become the most hunted man in all Kadoor. ‘And through the Warriors of the Dragon Clan, the True King shall return to claim his rightful throne.’ Synahmarr, the long missing niece of the Last Dragon Matriarch, is alive! ‘As a Phoenix rises from the ashes, so must the lost one rise to avert the death of life.’

From near thirty winters past, through the Battle for the Dragon Clan and beyond, a convergence is rushing toward the mysterious Keep of St Swiftyn’s. With the Fates hounding their every move, can Darque rebuild the Brotherhood, find the True King, and prevent the death of life? Against incredible odds, does she have time?