Nidhi Kaur

Location: California USA

Discover God’s presence for yourself through Nidhi Kaur’s transcendent collection of spiritual-based poetry, “My Wedding with Truth.”

Through poems such as “The Soul Shall Receive What It Desires,” “Blessed Is This Human Form,” and “You Are The Universe” Kaur gives readers hope and guidance in transforming their lives into ones full of happiness and peace.

The average day is filled with stress, both major and mundane-this compilation teaches how to release that tension, forgive those who are causing pain, and live every single day in the present moment.

Kaur knows that for many people, the idea of “God” exists as something other, something that perhaps can only be found within the walls of a church, temple, or a mosque. But she reveals God is all around us-in the nature that surrounds you, as well as in every single human and other living creature. “My Wedding with Truth “will help you learn how to see these things for what they really are and begin witnessing true miracles in your life. This kind of unconditional faith will ultimately help you let go of any worldly suffering and, instead, focus on the most powerful energy of all: love.