Philip Atlas Clausen

Location: Ames IA

She comes out of the forests at night. She’ll love you then she’ll kill you. It’s Vietnam you know. But when she encounters PFC Billy Bascom her hatred turns to love and a smoldering fascination. “Billyrat” is an 18-year-old who yearns to explore the deadly Viet Cong tunnels beneath the Ho Bo Woods north of Saigon in 1967.Why do the Vietnamese fight so fiercely against America, the land of the free? Billy becomes so good at his job he volunteers to live in his own G.I.-made tunnel he dubs “Hell Hotel”. When Billy decides to follow a mainline tunnel all of the way to its dead end he is captured and captivated by “The Black Butterfly Woman”–who teaches him the truth about Vietnam. This book explores territory you are not likely to have experienced before beneath the dark places of love and war.