Samantha Henthorn

Location: Bury near Manchester UK

Pippa is fed up, frustrated and nearly forty. She lives upstairs at The Peacock, her mother’s pub that remains closed after lockdown. When her half-sister’s half-sister unexpectedly visits, Pippa must face up to the past.

Post lockdown has been anxiety provoking for Pippa because isolation has been the norm since the death of Aunt India.
Pippa has been waiting for an epiphany all her life, hoping a revelation will provide certainty in an unreliable reality. Instead, she returns to the office run by a tyrannical receptionist and it seems as though her boyfriend might leave her. Her mother, Jacquetta and sister Heather worry that Pippa may fall to pieces like last time she had a crisis.

Sadie is Pippa’s half-sister’s half-sister and they haven’t seen one another since school swim class. Despite Pippa’s paranoia, Sadie becomes the supporter she never had; she is nothing like Pippa’s enchantress mother and sister.
Sadie is the sister Pippa never had, but Sadie’s attention is not selfless.
She wants something in return from Pippa.