Tim Wickenden

Location: Fishguard

A nation scarred by violence. Ugly signs of a serial killer. Is this homicide detective chasing a villain… or a victim vigilante?
Germany, 1960. Max Becker is haunted by his past. Once a Nazi soldier, the Berlin investigator works himself to the bone to make amends and bring his country some redemption. So when tortured and naked male bodies show up along with cryptic messages, he’s determined to hunt down a cold-blooded criminal as the body count rises.

Driven to expose the truth when he discovers links to Russian soldiers responsible for unspeakable war crimes, Max fights a growing sympathy for the disturbed murderer. And now close to making an arrest, he’s at risk of his emotions rejecting duty in favour of a dangerous choice.

Can he find the delicate balance between ensuring justice and permitting understandable vengeance?

Angel Avenger is the dark first book in the Max Becker historical crime thriller series. If you like edge-of-your-seat suspense, morally grey characters, and seamlessly accurate settings, then you’ll love Tim Wickenden’s gripping page-turner.