Why Booktasters Affiliate Program Wins over Adsense for Author content creators?

Let’s face reality, the publishing industry is a small market globally. As a content creator, who targets such niche market, you’ll face many challenges including monetizing your marketing efforts.
And the question comes: is Google Adsense the most efficient way to make money online as a content creator for authors?
Well, this article will go through the benefits of becoming a Booktasters affiliate, and we’ll convince you why Adsense is not the most efficient option out there.

Affiliate Marketing: it’s a performance-based advertising channel in which a business pays a commission for a conversion to one or more affiliates.

Booktasters Affiliate Program Benefits

Fresh Content More Cash

The main leverage of joining Booktasters affiliate program is that the more you invest in creating cool, fresh, and beneficial content for authors, the higher the chances you’ll convert visitors into buyers. Our program affiliates are keen on making more money and bringing real value to the table. Our affiliates are only paid a commission once the purchase is made. Therefore, the more effort you invest in driving your website’s visitors towards making a successful purchase, the more you’ll get what you’ve worked for accomplished.


Monetization of Your Marketing Efforts

In a more niche-like industry such as the publishing industry, there will always be a challenge arising with reaching out to your ideal visitors. However, this makes it a bit promising to rank among the top performing websites if you’re investing in creating relevant and cool content for authors. An Affiliate partnership grants the opportunity to expand out and reach out to more customers, therefore, more commission so there will always be a mutual benefit for both parties; the affiliate and the service provider…Well, Booktasters.

Build Trust

In Booktasters, We provide “Guaranteed Honest Reviews”, not to mention our transparent terms and policy, you’ll be associating your website with a trusted transparent service. Additionally, you’re helping authors get connected with avid readers, which helps authors gain exposure, not only that, but readers are exposed to more and more books. So with each transaction you contribute to, you’re enhancing your name and reputation.

It’s totally free!

You simply join, we review your site, and voila! You’re good to go. Once you succeed and drive your visitor to make a purchase, you’ll get a flat rate commission.


Google Adsense Drawbacks

Too many rules to follow!

Give it a try and read their terms and conditions, you’ll get the point. Moreover, if it happened that you missed one of their rules, you’d get banned. Once you get banned, you can never get your account back.

Getting approved is hard!

Google is getting more strict day by day. They don’t approve any blog easily, even if it’s six months or one year old. No matter how perfect you make your site to apply for Adsense, there is no guarantee they will approve it.

Low Cost Per Click (CPC)

If you are not from US or Western Europe – big earnings can be a far dream.
While for the well-off European countries, price per click is relatively better. It could be $1, $2, or even more than this. It mainly depends on keywords traffic.

So, If your average daily visitors range from 100-1000, don’t expect earning much money.

That means, if your sites get a small portion of such traffic – you will receive about $0.01 – $0.05 for clicks. And unfortunately, Google doesn’t announce their percentage, so it’s totally vague.

So now you might think of better options, If you have high traffic, many big advertisers will contact you to pay much better than Adsense. While if you go for other options such as becoming an affiliate, your profit will be commission. In our case our packages start from $50 so your chance of having high earnings is way better even if you have low traffic.

Keyword Adsense Average Cost Per Click Booktasters affiliate program Commission from a single purchase
1- Author $0.99 Minimum Profit
$100*30% = $30

Maximum Profit
$800*30% =$240


2- Authors $0.37
3- Book Reviews $0.70
4- Self-Publishing $4.48
5- Book Marketing $3.82


Minimal Control

Pro hint: Google has over 100,000 advertisers or maybe more than this. Well, this means you don’t stand a chance to customize who or what is being advertised on your website.


Your Call!

Now you have it! Don’t you think it’s the time to Join Booktasters Affiliate Program?

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