Why Booktasters Affiliate Program?

Most of the Content creators prefer Pay Per Click advertising programs to make profit from their websites, and don’t think about affiliate marketing as they believe it might be difficult to generate money out of it as much as Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. The f fact is that some bloggers find a kicking start with Affiliate marketing tougher than working with PPC programs like AdSense and so on.

Additionally, some content creators don’t find affiliate marketing as a promising source of earning because they feel it does not guarantee returns compared to Pay Per Click. This can be true if you embed an affiliate banner on your website, and you expect that your visitors will just purchase what is offered. However, if your website is a credible source and you’ve established a form of authority in your field, then the chances that visitors will purchase will increase.


Pay Per Click is a method of advertising online where advertisers only pay if their ad

was clicked on. Example: Google Adsense.


Google Adsense is the largest entity that provides a Pay Per Click program for advertisers.


Affiliate Marketing is when you promote a product or service on your website and whenever a visitor makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you get a percentage of the product’s/service’s price. Example of a affiliate marketing Amazon’s Associates, Coursera’s Affiliate Program.

Benefits of Joining Booktasters Affiliate Marketing Program over PPC Ads:

Let’s clarify the fact that there is no harm replacing 1-2 ad slots with Affiliate banners and keep your other PPC Ads and try how it works out for you. Take into consideration that, Booktasters affiliate program is for content creators who create content for authors/writers who mainly live in North America and Europe.




More profitable than Google adsense

Keyword Adsense Average Cost Per Click Booktasters affiliate program Commission from a single purchase
1- Author $0.99 Minimum Profit
$100*30% = $30

Maximum Profit
$800*30% =$240
2- Authors $0.37
3- Book Reviews $0.70
4- Self-Publishing $4.48
5- Book Marketing $3.82


More transparent

Booktasters affiliate program is completely transparent; you know how much you will earn from that program. Each time a visitor from your website will make a purchase you’ll be notified and you’ll see how much money they spent; from which your 30% flat commission will be earned. On the other hand, Pay Per Click programs, such as Google Adsense, are vague; you as a user have no idea how much they are making out of their customer, and on what basis you are getting paid.

We got your back!

We’ll provide you with technical support, in addition to creative visual support, to enhance your website so that your affiliate banners will have high click throughs, and eventually more people will purchase, and you get your commission.

You copy the code from the Creatives tab in your dashboard and embed it in your website. Moreover, we can customize the banners to suit your website color palette.


More Control and Flexibility

You will promote a product/service in your niche. This way you have more flexibility and control over your marketing messages displayed on your website, and you will promote our reviewing service, which is related to your blog’s niche. This will give you good conversion rate. On the contrary, other PPC programs don’t allow you to have such control.

It’s all Up to you Now!

Join Booktasters Affiliate Program Now!



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